MOBILITY: The Key To Staying Connected In A Remote World.

Managing a remote and mobile workforce has created new complexities and burdens on management to deliver optimal results.  Our suite of mobility solutions helps keep everyone connected and productive while keeping costs under control.


and remain competitive and positioned for future success!

Services & Products

At Accurate Cloud Solutions we believe in providing businesses with all the telecom solutions they may need to keep competitive. That’s why we offer a wide range of mobility services and devices to meet all your needs.

VOICE & DATA Cell Phones & Tablets
DATA ONLY Wi-Fi or Hot Spots
eSIM SIM-Capable Devices
VoLTE Wireless Edge Networking Equipment
FIRSTNET POTS Line Replacement

Copper Lines (POTS) are being Transformed to the Digital Age

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated that all POTS lines in the US be replaced with an alternative service. Now that the deadline has passed, we are continuing to see major carriers like Verizon and AT&T dropping support for these copper-based lines. Prices continue to skyrocket for POTS with some increases being seen at over 500% while service is deteriorating. Businesses must find a path towards a certified and compliant digital transformation for their Fire, Alarms, Elevators, and VoLTE (Fax, modem, SCADA apps, OOB management.)

When communication and compliance are critical, Accurate Cloud Solutions is ready and positioned to help you solve the POTS replacement issue!

Key Benefits:

  • Save Money – POTS will continue to see unpredictable rate increases as the system continues to age.

  • Compliant – Fire Code Certified and Marshall approved options.

  • No Fear of Outages – Alarms and elevators stay connected even in power outages.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Ready to declare victory over your mobility challenges? Did you know that 100% of organizations overspend on mobility? If your business has over 100 devices (i.e., smartphones, laptops, tablets, rugged devices, IoT) connected to your network, you need Managed Device Mobility (MDM)! It’s time to gain control of your devices (including BYOD), keep your costs down, and your network and data secure!

Key Benefits of MDM:

  • Fast device sourcing, provisioning, deployment, and employee on/off boards

  • BYOD network and device security

  • Cost Optimization

  • Policy, User, and Inventory Management

  • Auditing and Fraud Detection

  • Invoice and Contract Management

  • Usage Management

  • International Mobility

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Help Desk

  • Lifecycle Management and Optimization

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

With Managed Mobility as a Service, you can integrate a variety of “over-the-air” transport-related services into one comprehensive secure service that can be accessed on-demand. With a MaaS solution, you can offer your end-users the added value of a single application and payment channel for a diverse menu of transport options. Whether it’s just one or a combination of public transport, ride/car/bike-sharing, taxi, car rental or just walking and cycling, MaaS has you covered!

Key Benefits to MaaS:

  • Personalized Services – build solid relationships between users and providers

  • Easy Route Planning – Users can plan their journeys with a variety of transport methods

  • Simplified Payments – Users can now pay for services based on their preferred method – phones, smartwatches, and bank cards.

Let’s talk about how Mobility can change your business landscape!


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