The modern reality of business life is in offices, homes, hotels, and airports. It’s happening everywhere and on all kinds of devices. To have an optimal experience with exceptional results, you need advanced collaboration tools.

Unified Collaboration - The key to productivity!

With the growing demands of mobile and connected users, organizations across all industries need to look to a unified collaboration platform that encompasses voice, conferencing, messaging, events, and team project collaboration to stay productive and competitive. With great partners such as Microsoft, Google, Web-Ex, Zoom, and more, we can help you find the best platform for your specific business needs.

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Recognize Their Needs

  • Objective: Provide virtual meeting rooms and workspaces to accommodate both on-prem and remote worker’s specific needs and schedules.
  • Challenges: Providing the same optimal experience regardless of location or device. This would include easily connecting with colleagues 1:1 or in a team, high-def video and audio, whiteboard and share files, and pick up the project where they or someone else left off – all without frustration!
  • Solution: Advanced Collaboration Tools!

Recognize Their Needs
Secure Remote Collaboration

  • Objective: Secure networks and assets against increasing cyber attacks.
  • Strategy: Find secure and reliable enterprise-grade product features that meet security and privacy standards. Must have encryption, and redundancy to keep data secure and readily available.
  • Solution: Some advanced collaboration tools have these features built in. If you don’t have an IT team to manage these security functions, consider using a managed service.

Secure Remote Collaboration
Security Questions to Ask Yourself & Providers

Security Features:

  • Does your company have sensitive data or intellectual property that must be safeguarded?
  • Is your collaboration platform designed specifically for highly secure delivery? Would a Fortune 100 company use this platform?
  • Do you need full end-to-end encryption?
  • Do you need to minimize the number of parties involved when transferring data?
  • Do you need enterprise grade security and privacy standards or military grade encryption?
  • Do you need to keep the privacy of users at a maximum level?

Administrative Questions

  • Do I have an admin/IT that can provision, add team members, set permissions, etc.?
  • Do I need a simple, easy to use portal?
  • Do I need or want help managing these tasks?
  • Do I need this to be installed in a private cloud or data center?
  • How many on-prem and distributed team members do I have? Is this an appropriate platform for all locations?
  • Interoperability – Can this service be used with other video conferencing providers?
  • What will my maximum attendee count be?

Picking the Bells & Whistles

  • Smart Meetings – Would I like our cameras to provide the best overview of the room and detect meeting participants for ideal framing?
  • Smart Presentations – Do I want my team to be able to share wired and wireless content and be able to annotate whiteboard presentations?
  • Smart Rooms – Do I want improved interactions and intelligent collaboration tools?
  • Presentation experiences – Do I want a solution that provides dual content sources, 4k resolution, and wireless sharing? Do I need whiteboards with annotations, and/or polling?
  • Would I like my team to use their collaboration tool as their business phone that can make and receive calls, MMS, and SMS as well?
  • Do I have a contact center that could benefit from this solution as well?
  • Do I want to utilize hot desking in my organization?
  • Powerful Cameras/Audio –  Intelligent 120-degree fields of view, high-def microphones, speakers, room counting, and automatic noise suppression. Speaker-tracking and auto-framing capabilities for medium to large-sized rooms, or auditoriums. Zoom in/out capabilities.
  • Device Boards – all-in-one touch devices
  • Desk Phones and Headsets – single or dual ear? Wired or wireless? With or without video?
  • Microphones – Directional table top, ceiling mounted
  • Wall Touch Panels

Bells & Whistles

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