The average business employee has over 100 passwords they are required to keep track of. No wonder 81% of breaches can be traced back to passwords! Employees need help! By using a Password Manager you can help boost your overall security posture and remove the risks associated with reusing passwords and employee frustration.


Everything starts with a password.  It is your first line of defense. If your company operates online, you are aware of the frustrations associated with security and managing a vast number of online accounts.  This oftentimes can lead to password fatigue and noncompliance.

A password manager will allow users to store, generate, and manage passwords for all their applications and online services. A password manager will not only generate and retrieve complex passwords but they also store them in an encrypted database.


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Why Do I Need a Password Manager?

By utilizing a password manager, you do not just improve your password hygiene but you also provide a boost for your company’s overall security posture. When you deploy a password manager you can enforce company-wide policies to ensure all accounts are properly protected.

Remote work can be tricky. Most people require use of the internet as their main medium for communication and collaboration.  Oftentimes, even the need to share sensitive data and passwords could be required.  But this can pose a cybersecurity risk that should not be overlooked.  Using a password manager offers the solution. 

Benefits of a Password Manager

  • Make management of online accounts easy and secure.

  • Improve the organization’s overall security posture.

  • Improve productivity and save time.

  • Ensure corporate password security.

  • Encrypts your information and stores it in a secure vault.

  • Logs you into sites with one click.

  • Subscription based. Pay for only active personnel – scale up/down as business needs change.

Organizations That Need a Password Manager

  • Wants a fully encrypted password management solution.

  • Wants a cost-effective way to ensure compliance with password policies.

  • Wants to fortify overall security posture.

  • Looking to secure a cyber insurance policy.

  • Has data compliance requirements.

  • Needs to share sensitive data and passwords.

  • Has a distributed workforce.

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