With today’s modern workforce more perimeter-less and highly distributed, SASE is the new way to do networking and security for the modern business. Move to SASE for a single solution that yields higher security, improved efficiency, and simplicity.

WHAT IS SASE? (pronounced "SASSY")

SASE is a cloud-delivered solution that connects and secures all “edges” within your business – data centers, branch offices, mobile users, and cloud resources. SASE converges multiple cybersecurity and networking functions into one, shifting the security focus from a traffic-flow-centric (VPN) to identity-centric (ZTNA) while allowing the ability to secure every user, device, and location faster and easier.

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Elements of the SASE Architecture

Besides the convergence of ZTNA, SD-WAN, Secure Web Gateway, and Firewall-as-a-Service, SASE architectures are marked by four main attributes: Identity-Driven, Cloud-Native, Supports all Edges, and has Global Distribution.  SASE, by far, is a more secure, sustainable, and reliable alternative to the VPN for your distributed workforce.

Benefits of SASE:

  • Identity Driven: Experience Optimum network connectivity with the correct level of access based on your policies.

  • Cloud Native: All networking and security functions are implemented in the cloud.

  • Supports all Edges: Secure network for all your entities. Perfect for the Hybrid Office.

  • Globally Distributed: Full networking and security capabilities are available everywhere and deliver the best possible experience to all edges.

  • Simplicity: Connect and protect remote workers and branch locations with ease of one service.

  • Performance: Bundle with Unified Communications and ensure video conferencing and collaboration performance.

  • Productivity: Managed services reduce admin burdens.

  • Automation and Analytics: Some solutions offer AI or AIOps to help automate performance optimization.

Organizations That Need SASE:

  • All companies looking to improve network and security at the “edge”

  • Companies wanting to consolidate multiple vendors and tech stacks.

  • Companies looking to improve productivity with consistent QoE outside of the office.

  • Companies with a remote workforce.

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